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In addition to Cave Hunting & various novels, the following are also available;

Netherworld of Mendip:

Cave Regions of the Ozarks & Black Hills:

Ice Caves of France & Switzerland:

French Cave Paintings:

Hovey's Handbook of Mammoth Cave:

Florida Caverns State Park:

Cliff Castles & Cave Dwellings of Europe:

Rambles in Mammoth Cave 1884:

A Visit to the Mammoth Cave:

Jim White's story of Carlsbad Cavern:

The Early Cave-men (& Later):

In the Land of Cave & Cliff Dweller:

A Burial Cave in Baja California:

Glacieres, or Freezing Caverns:

The Nakimu Caves, British Columbia:

Australian Wonderland (Jenolan Caves):

Plus 3 reports on the Pleistocene fauna of San Josecito in Mexico.