Peak District Rigging Guide Poll. How do you use it?

How do you use the CreweCPC Peak District Rigging Guide?

  • I cave in the Peak District, but never use the guide.

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • I'm still using the old paper one I bought years ago.

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • I've downloaded the complete guide pdf and print it out, or keep it on a device.

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • I just download, or look at the topo for the cave I'm doing.

    Votes: 18 69.2%
  • I had no idea there were SRT trips possible in Derbyshire!

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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When Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club moved their Peak District Rigging Guide on line 30 months ago, we weren't sure how people would most likely use it. Would they download and print the complete pdf? Would they just view and download topos for the caves they planned to visit on a day? Now the guide has been going for a while, I'd like to get an understanding of how cavers in Derbyshire area are actually using it. This information would be useful in deciding how the on-line guide might be improved in the future.
So, if you are a user of our rigging guide, please can you answer the following.
Comments and criticisms of the guide are welcome too. A poll only has the questions I can think of. Others will have contributions I've not even thought of. All stuff we can learn from.
Thanks, Jen


I am a bit mixed - for most trips I just look at the old printed one I got from hitch n hike years ago.
But if it is something newer, or some cave I think may well have been updated I look up individually online the cave topo I am interested in.


Have paper copy and generally use that. But if I'm away from my hard copy I use the online version for a specific cave, also of course fo rnewer ones!

Print out and carry with me in a waterproof mapcase. By now I have several inches of battered paper copies from all over the UK, I try not to print duplicates.... mostly.


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Thanks every one for your votes and/or comments so far. I know the forum membership is only a small sample of cavers and probably an unrepresentative sample at that, but the results so far are close to what I suspected. Most people printing out a specific topo from the site for the trip that day and a lot of older edition printed guides still in use. A much smaller proportion printing out the entire guide.

I'm glad to see that no one has (yet) voted for "I had no idea there were SRT trips possible in Derbyshire"!

Keep them coming.


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While I use single downloads/printouts for each cave, the various topo books I own are often pulled off the shelf to help _choose_ a cave...