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Peak Speedwell System Survey Published


Active member
The updated Peak Speedwell System survey has just been published.

I took on the updating of the survey following the death of John S Beck in 2015. It has been drawn using Therion Cave Surveying Software (https://therion.speleo.sk/), its been a steep learning curve but certainly worthwhile in the end. Thanks to Alastair who has been heavily involved in helping me over the last four years.

The survey can be found on the www.peeakspeedwell.info and www.peakdistrictcaving.info websites.

For ease, it can be found by clicking this link.

The survey will be available for sale as an A0 print in due course, and more details will be published soon.


@Scud What a beautifully created survey!
You've spent a lot of time and years on this which is evident in its complexity and detail!
Once these are for sale I'll have one for the wall please 😁


Active member
Somebody asked me on the TSG WhatsApp group when they would be for sale. I provisionally said at the end of the month and will probably bring some to the next club meeting to sell.
Would you be kind enough to leave one aside for myself please?


Active member
I am trying to get an idea of numbers so I can get them printed. The price of them will be £6, following the payment for the print, the proceeds will be going to the Peak Fund, which pays for replacing the fixed aids in the system.

I have PM the ones on the thread who have already shown interest.

In terms of delivery, they will be by caver post or posting as a last resort (additional cost for postage on top). Payment will be by bank's transfer prior to the delivery / collecting.

If you want a print, please send me a PM with your full name so i can get a list together then i will be in touch with the bank details etc.