• Overground/underground - a caving archaeology project in the Yorkshire Dales

    1st June 2-4pm at Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

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Photography Showcase 3 per week limit

The Old Ruminator

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Cheating again ! Screen shot from the MCRA upload of Withyhill Cave. 270 Shatter Cave images sent off.

The joy of cave photography. ( With decent models ! )


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upside down spider formation OFD3

helictites on a wall, OFD3

struggled with a phone camera today. (cheap phone and the camera has been run over on it)

The Old Ruminator

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Third image.

"The Passage Of Time."

Its not all about perfect shots with great lighting. ( I hope or you would not see any of mine here ). Its about fun, " the moment " , a record or just larking around at home with Flickr and Screenshot.

Same dig, same subject but 55 years seperate the two images. One has got older and the dig a bit longer. Tempus fugit as they say.



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A trip to the upper oxbow/ great oxbow series in OFD

I know this formation as the Gary formation as there is a great photograph with a helmet with grey written on the side.

some good helictites in the series. i assume these were formed with a draft coming down the passage?

i really like the way the water droplets hang off the end of the helictites. i have seen some good photos with reflections of other formations in the water droplets, but not sure how to recreate this.