• Lost hearing aid in Swildons Hole

    Lost 29/09/2022 very near the entrance, probably the first climb down.

    Please keep an eye out!

    More details here

QUBCC Evening Talk with Shane Diffily


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2021/04/07 19:00 GMT+01
QUBCC Evening Talk with Shane Diffily

At 7pm (UTC+01) on Wednesday, 7th April, Queen?s University Belfast Caving Club will be hosting, over Microsoft Teams, a presentation from Shane Diffily, co-founder of the Dublin Caving Group.
The presentation will be called "Hypothermia and the cave environment", lasting approximately 30-40 minutes and will include a short Q&A session.

All are welcome!

Here is a link to the meeting,



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We?ll be starting in about one hour.

Just to note Shane isn?t an expert on hypothermia and this talk is not intended to be a training course., but it should still be interesting!

Here is another link in case TinyURL isn?t good for you;