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Rainfall data, Greenhow


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Does anyone know of a rain gauge in the Greenhow / Stump Cross area, which uploads rainfall data that can be accessed online?

Have done a bit of Googling but no luck so far . . .


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Wunderground used to have an API, but no longer:
and I suspect the IBM version isn't cheap


The environment agency have a tipping bucket rain gauge at Grimwith Reservoir that gives readings every 15 mins (but takes a couple of hours to update). Here's a graph of the recent data:


Map of the stations: https://environment.data.gov.uk/flood-monitoring/assets/demo/index.html
Station ID for Grimwith Reservoir: 062046

And if you want to fiddle with the API and get more specific data, this will fetch a CSV of the most recent data: https://environment.data.gov.uk/flo...mlView=table&_sorted&parameter=rainfall&today
This is the API reference if you want to be more specific with your data fetching: https://environment.data.gov.uk/flood-monitoring/doc/reference

It's worth mentioning that TBRs have some reliability issues, specifically around high winds and frozen precipitation (snow/sleet/hail). The EA are installing heated TBRs in some regions to improve reliability but don't include this info on their API. They will tell you on request if the gauge you're interested in is heated (most are not).
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