Reads cavern splash pot bolt


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The hanger for the ladder in splash pot seemed quite loose on the bolt when I visited on Saturday. Span around very easily. It held perfectly fine but I think that a replacement could be in order. I don't know if this would be under the CSCCs remit for rebolting, although I know it's not a popular route so can understand if it's not worth doing.


Thanks for reporting this, someone is going to go and have a look at which point further discussion will take place and reported.
For future reference the information that is needed to report anchors or request new ones is on this page
CSCC is an organisation that represents all cavers, therefore it is up to all cavers to decide what is worth doing. The CSCC committee have the impossible job of distilling a diverse set of points of view into actions that the caving community as a whole feel is correct. we do our best. I guess that is a long way of saying, it is up to you and everyone else to decide if it is worth doing. Anything to do with caving is within CSCC remit, we obviously have limited resources.
The best way to start this debate is to use the form that is on the page I listed above
It will then be looked at, hopefully with the person submitting the request and then discussed at the next meeting. I will also mean that is is recorded as requested and the reasons given for why it is accepted or rejected so others can see this in the future.


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