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hi everyone we are all members of the BCA however we are trying to find an insurer that will provide the club insurance can anyone suggest the right place thanks.


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When you say "Club Insurance" what do you mean?  The BCA supply third party liability insurance as part of their membership - what additional insurance do you require?



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They also do travel insurance:

Your Uni should also supply some cover...


Easier for people to make suiggestions if you give an idea of what insurance it is your group is looking for and what type of group it is

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As you're Irish, I'm sure you know SUI offer both the BCA and the FFS Option 1 bundled into one payment of ?85 per yer per person.

But if it's more than that which you're looking for, then I think talking to the insurance manager of BCA may be a good idea.

With you not owning a hut, it's difficult to know precisely what you want to insure against, but I guess it's the sort that pays out if you die, get maimed or lose an eye and your teeth. (and therefore cannot work).

The email address for the BCA insurance manager is insurance@british-caving, though I would read the FAQ fully before contacting them.

(the email address was copied directly from the FAQ, it may have an errant comma)

As you will know, you were accepted as full BCA members at the October BCA Council meeting. Assuming you have paid your membership fees for 2020 (i.e. Club membership and all your members are themselves CIMs/DIMs) then your club and all your members will benefit from the public liability insurance policy we give as a membership benefit. The limit of indemnity is ?5m, although we are expecting to increase this to ?10m soon.

The link provided by PaulW should answer any additional questions but please email our Insurance Manager or Membership Administrator if you have anything further.


If however you are talking about personal accident insurance (or life insurance or similar) then this is not something the BCA provides as a benefit. We explored this recently but this wasn't popular or viable for us to provide this. Therefore, you would need to explore this yourselves. Whatever you arrange ensure it covers you for whatever eventualities you require (i.e. check it covers caving).

For travel/expedition insurance, the BCA has worked with one of our suppliers to design a policy that we feel meets the needs and requirements of the majority of cavers and mikem has provided a link to this. Of course, other insurance providers are available too.

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alastairgott said:
As you're Irish, I'm sure you know SUI offer both the BCA and the FFS Option 1 bundled into one payment of ?85 per yer per person.

Just a quick note to say that the price has gone up this year (due to an increase in the cost of FFS insurance). The pricing is a little more complex (student vs non, multiple cavers at the same address etc). I'll drop a note to the SUI to ask them to update that page!


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Hi all, apologies for the out of date info on the SUI page, it has been updated now, unfortunately due to changes in the way the FFS process insurance for foreign organisations there has been a substantial increase in the price. The SUI is looking into alternative arrangements for next year but unfortunately didn't have time to deal with it before the 2020 season due to short notice.

In response to the initial query:
The SUI offers an upgrade facility for existing basic members to upgrade to full membership directly through the members area. If you have acquired BCA (or FFS) membership separately then you can get in touch with the SUI membership secretary and become an SUI member for our own direct membership fee of ?20, proof of BCA membership WILL be requested for anyone applying through this route.

I am not sure what is meant by 'Club Insurance', even when a club handles BCA/SUI payments directly it would still result in the individual being insured personally, not the Club itself (Which would be covered by virtue of all members being insured.)

If you mean something like insurance for taking people on paid trips then you would instead be looking at some level of public indemnity similar to any adventure sports business (That EXPLICITLY covers caving, most will not) and would have to abide by all the regulations in that area.