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Safe caves for beginners?


New member
So I was wondering what are considered some safe but interesting caves for beginners?, I'm pretty sure I've been in this cave but I remember our teacher telling us some passages were dangerous.. and I seem to remember a big pit before the pond.


Also.. really can't shake this feeling.. (Mr. Head, are you lurking?)


Well-known member
Well. all I can say is that I took my five year old granddaughter down to the Lake there last year without problems. Had to guide her round a couple of climbs but she thoroughly enjoyed it.  If new to caving remember to look at the floor while moving and check your feet are not going to skid out from under you. And finally, prepare to get lost temporarily trying to get to the Lake .


Are you a member of a club? I would suggest finding one close to you and having a chat with them. They will have lots of recommendations for new and young cavers. Some caves require keys for access so that's probably your best bet