Scanty Lardos - why?


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Having enjoyed a good trip down there last night, I have to ask 'why?' - why is it called that, I mean?
I've had a quick Google, and watched Joe Mellor's excellent video on its discovery, but am none the wiser.
And while we're at it, why 'Ann Summer's passage'? It's a fun passage but not in an erotic way, not even slightly....
Any elucidation welcome!


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Alas I can’t help with the naming but I don’t suppose any of it is still rigged is it?
The pitches are not permanently rigged. Just a couple of bits of tat - one to get higher up in a tight bit of Ann Summer’s passage and the other to scramble up the terminal choke in ‘The Office’.
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Don’t know the answer but I thought it sounded like a cave for overweight people with a height deficiency.
As for Ann summers passage, without being crude, does the cross section give anything away?

Pie Muncher

Anne Summers - simply cos whilst the team were enlarging the squeeze the conversation was about a birthday present purchased for one of their girlfriend's at the time from said retail outlet. An undergarment with a bit missing, usually an integral part of such an item.


"An undergarment with a bit missing, usually an integral part of such an item."
So not unlike Queen Victoria's Bloomers in Ingleborough Show Cave . . .

Back then, when women only wore long skirts, the "base layer" was like a petticoat slit up the front and back. The edges were tied together with ribbon to create "legs". These garments were nicknamed "Free Trade Drawers". We found a pair, when clearing out my mother's house, and donated them to a museum.

Probably a useful garment for today's lady cavers? :ROFLMAO: