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Hey besties!

From my reckoning SCHECC is in a week, so I thought I’d actually get round to working out some competitions hahaha. Most importantly there are bed nights available to be won at SCHECC. For your club to be in the running to win x2 lots of ‘2 nights for 8 people’ at the TSG you will need to enter all 4 of the main competitions. There are individual prizes for the best entry for each category as well. In the event of a tie for the bed nights, a tie breaker will be implemented. Details to be communicated if this were to occur.

Draw (on MS Paint) (obviously) a recreation of something that’s happened in your club in the past year. *Submissions on this thread please* with a little sentence explaining the scenario 😊. This is the only competition for SCHECC that requires any work before the weekend.
Prize: One of Warmbac’s very kindly donated pouch tackle sacks, and It’s Only a Game by Jim Eyre, equally kindly donated by Wild Places Publishing

You will be timed in tying a selection of knots along a section of rope. I am unsure as of yet what knots it’ll be, but probably some form of tying-in knot, a mid-rope knot, and some form of bunny ears. Depending on how we feel on the day there may be a combination of other factors such as tying them blindfolded, behind your back, or whilst hanging upside down drunk.
On the Saturday, come and visit wherever the committee have set up and we will record your times.
Prize: Another one of Warmbac’s very kindly donated pouch tackle sacks

Same deal as the knot tying but for squeezing between two planks of wood.
Prize: Yet another Warmbac pouch tackle sack! (see my upcoming post about these!!)

Another Saturday one, a bonus second will be taken off your time if there is a comedic size difference between the participants.
Prize: A Pair of Warmtex knee pads (made by Warmbac) kindly donated by Starless River

Separately to these competitions there are also a couple that won’t factor into the bed nights group.

Firstly, the National Showcaves Centre for Wales has very kindly donated a family ticket for CHECC to give away. If you’d like it let me know and I’ll pop your name in a hat.

Secondly, there’s a ‘general extra credit’ competition. Descent have generously provided a selection of back issues for us to give away! There's no solid criteria for being awarded one of these and will be given out over the weekend based on a ‘yeah we think that’s worthy of a prize’ basis. This could include anything from hurriedly herding a bunch of freshers outside to be sick, to showing a lot of determination in attempting the squeeze machine.

Any questions feel free to ask away!

Edit: A bonus prize will go to whichever club or individual returns my recorder to me!
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