Scout Cave Leader Training


I have been an active caver for many a year and have recently become an assistant Scout Leader in West Yorkshire.

I have asked the activities commissioner if there is a Scout Caving team here and apparently there is not.

I would like to do the relevant training and have seen on here that training has been offered before. I understand what is needed from the activities website but not sure how to action it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Good for you for taking on this voluntrary role. (I was in the scouts as a youngster and got a lot from it, thanks to people like you.)

There is a pretty strong association between scouting and caving in the Dales, with a numkber of associations. A forum user who lives in the south of England is a co-ordinator; he'll see this no doubt and hopefully respond.

We recently arranged donations to two of the scout caving associations round here from a will legacy; if you don't get a better response send me a PM with your email address and I'll see if I can get their folk to contact you.


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I’m with @PaulW, and he’s not able to access his account at the moment. @beardedboy I’m going to PM you his email to reach out to him and he’ll get back to you 👍🏼


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Another option if you have any questions about anything youth wise, scouts, schools, clubs or other is to reach out to the BCA youth and development officer at
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