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Seeking Melvin Penn or TYVA Caves Expedition Member 2001/2002


I am the librarian for the British Caving Library. I am trying to contact Melvin J Penn or someone else from the BCRA TYVA Caves Expedition 2001/2002 in relation to a copy of the expedition report. Can anyone help. The report has an email address for Melvin but it is bouncing.
Hi Mary

I was on that expedition. I am still in contact with Pete, Lyn, Allan and Melvin.

How can I help.




New member
Hi Bill
Long time no see.
I have been in contact with Mary and Mel.  The question came from a Russian caver living in Canada, it was basically what we found and where.  Mel has supplied me with a digital copy of the book he wrote which covers the Tuva trip.  I will be sending it to Mary next week.
I am still involved at SWCC, and am now also busy at in the mines at Nenthead, exploring, repairing collapses and carrying out maintenance on the buildings.  If you fancy a trip down the mines give me a shout.

I saw Mel earlier this week. I'm living in Sabden, yes, up for a trip out.

Drop me an e-mail please.