Short electron ladder wanted


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I could right do with a section of electon ladder, about 4 metres long. (Actually a couple of such lengths would be even better.)
It's to set up access for a drysuited diver through a sloping entrance passage leading to a sump. The ladder(s) don't need to be in especially good condition; the main idea is to be able to clip heavy bags, rung by rung, whilst reascending, so the bags don't scuttle off back down the slope. They'll not be relied on for personal safety.

Does anyone have one or preferably two lengths they could donate to the cause? I'm thinking that maybe a club tacklemaster may have a ladder damaged in the middle by a rock or something, that might then be cut in half. Or if anyone has an 8 m ladder kicking about in the shed that they're unlikely to want to use again, maybe you could consider passing it on? It's for in the Dales by the way.