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Sima de Cueto to Coventosa Traverse


New member
Does anyone have GPS Fixes for the entrances to this system? I would like to add them to the Googlemap for the Matienzo area http://www.geography.lancs.ac.uk/Matienzo/indexnmf.htm as many people come to the area to do this classic trip.



Active member
Hi Paul.
Coventosa  450620 4789225
see also

Sima del Cueto 449450 4789300

although its not what i remember when i flew in on google earth....it was in more of a grassy area....unsure of the accuracy

for tonio - Cayuela

ps if you type " ramales cueto coventosa" into google it offers to translate the pages for you...might be a tad useful...eh Manwell.
Glad you're coming out to matienzo, easter  (y)