Smart 1987 glaciokarst depressions paper


I'm trying to get access to the following manuscript, written by Peter Smart from the University of Bristol:

Smart, P. L. (1987). Origin and development of glacio-karst closed depressions in the Picos de Europa, Spain. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, 423-443.

DOI: 10.1127/zfg/30/1987/423

I have enquired at the British Cave Library and they do not have access to a copy. My university does not provide access to the manuscript as it does not subscribe to this journal. The paper also is not on SciHub.

If anyone has access to a copy and would be able to send it to me I would be very grateful. If you direct message me here that would be best. Alternatively, if anyone has contact details for Peter Smart so that I can directly ask him for a copy that would also be very much appreciated.


Looks like Peter Smart is on Facebook, but not a regular user. I expect you'll have mutual friends if you search for him.
Probably best to ask your library for an inter-library loan or pay for it direct. I doubt if Pete will have a digital copy, I don't, but I'll ask Daniel Ballesteros if he has one.