Snowboarding/caving, possible links

how many times have you wished you knew exactly where the end of the dig was

  • never - sod digging - its a mugs game

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  • sometimes - but I just keep on diggin

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  • every day - please god let us break through tommorrow

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Highly unlikely you think

well Ive just bought and avalanche tranceiver for my forthcoming snowboard holiday (quivers with excitement :p ). It can locate another tranceiver - giving direction and distance - up to 40 meters.

Who reckons this may work underground ( i.e for radio locating).

I need to know more about the gubbins to asses whether this would work through rock but in some instances ( eg the snakes pyjamas/taylors way connection, bagshawe) it would come in for distance determination.

if it isnt powerfull enough to work through rock - you could possibly create a powerfull emitter that replicates the pulse from an AT and use the AT to track the signal.

Ps - cant believe blocked blubbas advert for this site! :roll:


When Bubba's up to his neck in shattered, icy snow, are you going to dig him out with a mattock and move the snow in kibbles?