SSSI Good practice from across the UK [Linked Topic]


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This is a topic which cropped up over the weekend, which may improve the ability to Explore the Caves of the Clwydian Range (North East Wales)

For all of the free work that cavers do on behalf of the local conservation teams, we now need to redeem this and show that we are a valuable resource which can be nurtured as well as employed.
This is to improve Access to excavate caves in this North Wales caving Area, and gain a greater understanding of the biology, Hydrology and Geology of the area.

To see this end goal, we need examples of where cavers have worked in direct contact with their local SSSI contacts.
These projects can be of two examples either:
1) to improve the safety of the SSSI for other visitors.
2) to improve access or the Length of cave dramatically in their SSSI.
3) Best Practice where cavers are working directly with bat handlers to allow access to caves in a positive way.
4) Good examples of the ease of Applying for SSSI permission for Excavation.

In short, we need good examples of everything, if you do not wish to publicise your SSSI Success but would still like to contribute, please PM me.

I already have an example of an SSSI Job in the Derbyshire dales, which I will be asking for permission to make an example of.

I'm afraid there are no rewards for your sharing of good practice, only the kudos of having helped fellow cavers.