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Stile repairs around Alum Pot


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Hello all

Some excellent work by CNCC conservation volunteers on 28th September repairing the stile into Alum Pot and two stiles onto Borrins Moor:

Read the full story here: https://cncc.org.uk/article/20221003-alum-pot-stiles

Access to the Alum Pot enclosure is via the new stone stile on the north west side of the enclosure (around the back as you approach from Alum Pot Lane at Selside); the old stile by the track at the south east side (or what was left of it) has been removed. Please do not try to cross anywhere other than the new stile as this is both dangerous and may damage the walling.

Big thank you to everyone who turned out on the day to help! A few photos below by Andy Hall and Alan Wylie, but more can be viewed on the link above.




Alan Wylie Borrins finished.JPG



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Updated link to the full article below... Seem to have accidently cropped the end off the one above :sleep: