Stream Passage Pot July-August 2024


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Very true Braveduck!

At one of our sites in the North York Moors, we remedied this by then taking a separate ~15cm diameter length of pipe, cutting it lengthways in half, and then seating each half over the two lines of footholds on the outside of the larger pipe before backfilling. I guess that some large guttering pipe would achieve the same.

However, we mainly did it to stop backfilled material clogging up or coming out of the footholds rather than to stop water. It certainly wouldn't create a watertight seal that Stream Passage Pot probably needs. Plus, this would add yet more cost and effort to an already difficult job.

The easier solution is for me to be less lazy and put a rope down it 😊


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Today's progress. Lots of very large boulders moved, scaff and boarding started


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How does someone go about getting a couple of feet of that nice new tubing? Asking for a friend...

I have a 400 mm long offcut of 600 mm internal diameter corrugated plastic pipe, which I could spare if you're stuck. It's 200 mm short of "a couple of feet" but if you think it would do for what you want PM me. It would need to be collected from the Dales or we'd need to ask for caver post help.


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Five of us again today. Now down two and a bit drum heights, two more to go. However - lots of very large boulders both beneath our feet and in the sides of the pit. Lots of scaff and boards needed. We've now put up a tripod and pulley for hauling the spoil. A couple of photos today: one from the side showing the larger spoil heap, and one looking down. We've cut the original top drum in half to make it easier to work around it (the second one down had sharp edges) whilst stopping spoil (and ourselves) from dropping down the hole. P.S. the boards are 2.25m long.