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Student Caving Trip Options in the Yorkshire Dales - Digital Guide


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This is something that came out of some members of southern student caving clubs asking me for advice of what caves to do in the Dales a little while ago. I made them a list, then remembered the resource produced for Eurospeleo in 2016 and thought it would be maybe handy to produce a more student-oriented resource hosted by CHECC. This resulted in this new resource:


This has been developed with the support of and cooperation of CNCC, who were very helpful. In particular I should thank Matt Ewles for his help putting it together. I must also thank members of my club, ULSA, for their initial feedback.

Another huge thanks goes to all in the student caving community who contributed photographs, the selection really shows the photography talent we have in student caving nicely.

Hopefully student and club cavers alike will all find this a useful resource when planning caving trips in the Dales in the future when the current shitstorm is over!


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Excellent work here by CHECC and Rob in particular. A really valuable resource!  (y)


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Very handy - not spoon feeding but advisory. Could have done with this when I was student!  I cooked up something similar for the BEC after it was suggested to inspire club members who were wondering where to go. We called it Top Ten caves, relating to Mendip with similar reference to potential hazards, reference to cave features worth seeing, and location.


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MCG did one for the caves around the hut, as they are much less well known than those around Shepton / BEC / Wessex.


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I remember when we started caving we just had The Caves of Mendip and the gradings of EC MC DC VDC and so on. It takes a while to get a measure of the caves and what seems difficult. Nowadays I have seen people pitched in at the VDC level although come to think of it after a few years I was doing that to people I took underground!


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mrodoc said:
I  we just had The Caves of Mendip and the gradings of EC MC DC VDC and so on.

Extra Crap, Moderately Crap, Definitely Crap, Very Dicey:Crap?