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Suggested photogenic walk-in entrances?


New member
I'll be based in Ingleton for a couple of days from this Thursday, but only on a photographic trip (beats all that mud and filth!). So could anyone suggest three or four photogenic entrances suitable to get shots from inside looking out? Active resurgences preferably, but anything not requiring a change of clothes!
Here's hoping. 


Browgill cave was my first thought after the more obvious but less photogenic Yordas Cave.


New member
Thanks for the two suggestions. We'll be traveling around, so anything else within a 20 mile radius of Ingleton?


Active member
Old Ings is a possibility - certainly easy to walk into.
Scoska even more so, though it might be just over your 20-mile limit from Ingleton.


Well-known member
Victoria Cave and the others up at Attermire? Top Entrance to Upper Long Churn? Great Douk Cave (not far from Ingleton)? The most photogenic of all those mentioned so far is undoubtedly Browgill Cave. I suppose Birkwith Cave looks out onto a nice little gorge.


Great Douk has some wonderful opportunities.

Just a little way in there is the possibility of shots up the pot to daylight as well.

Whilst there you could also look at the top entrances (Middle Washfold) and various other little things. There's also the pavement for photo ops too.


New member
Thanks for all the suggestions. I've noted 'em all down, so can now plan a trip or two.

Very much appreciated.


Well-known member
The view out from Gatekirk Cave (in Chapel-le-Dale) is very fine indeed. There's a pool so you get a nice reflection, specially if you have someone standing in the right spot.

Might be worth taking wellies to walk in along the right hand side (looking in); I think you can also crawl along a ledge and still stay dry without wellies. But why struggle?

It's a resurgence cave incidentally.

Best avoid Chapel-le-Dale on Saturday afternoon as the 3 Peaks Fell Race will be going through and the main road might be briefly busy in the Hill Inn area. Best bet would be to park close to Chapel-le-Dale church and walk up via Philpin and Haws Gill Wheel. If you do use the church car park, consider making a modest donation in lieu of parking charges. (They prefer it if you don't use the church car park on Sundays, for obvious reasons.)

The church itself (St. Leonard's) is worth a visit (lovely spot - see if you can find Christopher Long's grave in the form of a Celtic cross close to the left wall of the churchyard, just before going into the main church door). Also worth a visit whilst you're there is Hurtle Pot, a great water-filled pit immediately behind the church; home of the legendary boggart (but he'll probably not be gurgling this weekend unless we get more rain than currently forecast). It's a window into a very long underwater cave system.