suggestions for a non-srt trip in North Wales?


myself and a mate (who doesn't have his srt gear with him) are looking for a day out next week, but struggling to think of anywhere that's a whole day out but doesn't require at least some SRT. Any suggestions welcome, especially if they're within 30-40 ish mins drive of Bangor


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Poachers (aka Ogof Hen Ffynhonnau) or Hesp Alyn, or both? You need ladders though for the entrance pitches.



myself and a mate ... are looking for a day out next week [that] doesn't require at least some SRT ... within 30-40 ish mins drive of Bangor
  • The bottom level of Bwlch y Plwm, from which the next level up can be reached by scrambling up a stope.
  • Catherine and Jane mine (which is not far from Bwlch y Plwm and could be combined with a trip there).
  • Rhosydd slate quarry (which would be useful if you are ever contemplating the Croesor-Rhosydd through trip!)
  • Conglog slate and Wrysgan slate quarries
  • Cwmorthin slate quarry (hire the key from Go Below)
  • Cwt y Bugail and Blaen Cwm slate quarries
Be aware that the following no longer have sanctioned access under the CAL scheme, so I won't recommend them even though they might fit your requirements:
  • Parc mine
  • Hafna mine (though probably only needs half a day)


Some great suggestions here, thanks all! I'll have a look at the ones suggested above that we've not been to before later and see what they look like :)


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If you do BYP, there's another few nearby to make a day of it (on top of C&J mentioned by davel) BYP opencast with slope to some underground stuff, Hafod Both (further towards Rhyd) and Pant y Wrach Deep and Middle adits. You'll be stuck on these levels wthout Srt though. There's another little level in Cae Fali that goes under the FR and pops out nearby it. if you've still not had enough.

These were open when I did them, but it was a while...

Then there's the Llanfrothen Arms for refreshments aferwards.