the BCA/DCA Club training officers workshop


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The training officers workshop run by Nige, started with coffee/tea and an informal chat with others involved with training for different clubs.
Nigel gave a short lecture with a presentation about the various different nodules 1,2,3, and laid down a simple but sturdy approach for us to follow in trying to impart skills to others. :sneaky:
After which we talked about the various bits of kit we had collected and Nige asked us for our reasoning behind the choices often making me realise just how stuck in the mud I was, :-\ and hopefully I will learn from the differing standpoints that Nige was offering us, he was challenging how we thought about kit and how we should not force our "standard kit" (ie what we are happy with)on people but allow them to make informed choices and try different types of kit for instance a rack, bobbin, stop or a fig 8 and if we don't know how to use a certain piece of kit we should not dismiss it but find someone whom can correctly demonstrate the equipment. :clap:

If clubs training officers contact Nigel he can arrange for him to run workshops at very little cost, I would recommend telephoning him directly for details as I have had problems with email in the past, Nigel has many Ideas that club training officers could implement and work side by side with Nige. :idea:
After the presentation more tea & coffee  and a Q & A session & then off to the training venue, where we were each given various "beginners" to practise on fate gave me Nigel as a guinea pig!  :eek: though I need not have worried he was a super student  :halo: and allowed me to dress him in full SRT kit  (y)(I did not tighten it properly & fitted the stop for left handed use!)  oh dear that has never happened before I said going red........ :-[
After all the students were kitted up Nige went through all of our kitting up and made observations about various things and lots of constructive comments were passed around. :-\
After this I was now to teach Nigel how to thread a stop and abseil ......Nige was not killed in the experiment and though I made a few cock ups  I was still learning. :sneaky:
Next up others were able to try out their teaching techniques and went from stops to racks & simples demonstraiting various differing techniques. I learned more things. :sneaky:
More Q & A sessions and tea  followed and we said our goodbyes promising to return when we can. (y)
To summarise
We can All learn, nobody knows everything, there are more ways to skin a cat.
Hope to meet you all again next year. :beer:
This was not a day for learning to cave but a day for learning to teach how to cave and I belive it worked well.
Many thanks Nige. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: