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Thinking of getting into caving


Active member
I seemed to be in the water 99.9% of the time at LNRC, but then we were humping tonnes of kit down to Sump 2  :doubt:

Saying that I where my 5mm Warmbac nearly all the time, wet or dry and I love it................



New member
UKSpectre said:
Hey, I've been wanting to try my hand at caving for a while, thought this would be a good place to get some information.

So what advice can you give me?  I think I'd probably like to start out with a few guided caving tours, where they provide the equipment.  Or at least tagging along on an easier cave with a group of more experienced cavers.

So anyways, that's my story.
So what are you waiting for ... either contact a club and get on a novice trip or contact an cave instructor  and get underground..

If you need advice on either option there will be plenty of folk on this forum who can point you in the right direction.

Happy caving,


New member
UKSpectre said:
here's some pictures I took though.  Don't those just look tempting?



I particularly like the consistent theme of roof supports  .... maybe I should show these to my wife who is too claustrophic to go caving ... she's convinced roof collapse is frequent in caves  ;-)


New member
Les W said:
There are pretty much no caves in the UK that require a wetsuit, (Light blue touch paper, stand well back  ) ....


Danyr-ogof i'd consider it a must if doing the Green canal (it may even be an access requirement). Some of the wet canaly Birkwirth stuff to...

Swildons for sumps beyond 1.

LNRC yes most of the year.....

But generally, les is right IMO, wetsuits are not an early requirement...


Hello Jonathan
You sound like you have a pretty good idea about how to get into caving already
Did u get round to joining a club or getting underground? Hope you managed to and enjoyed it  :)