U got the bottle ??


T pot

u got the bottle ?? thin man, nerves of steel :?

Fancy diggin in a choke ??

K if u fit the criteria below mail me

Free on Tues - thurs nites

U got transport

know when 2 keep quiet (this choke moves)

Patient hard digging ur fort'e

short n thin (ya gotta follow me :? )

most of all like a beer after diggin :D

Mail me

Stretch ur nerves, extend the cave

T pot


A tumbleweed blew across the forum......a lone church bell tolled in the distance :D :wink:

You make it sound so attractive! Don't think I qualify for "thin man" status...


He he, could you see me on Sunday when you asked in the pub T pot? I don't exactly fit the 'thin man' criteria neither :LOL:

Ah well, maybe one day....

cap n chris

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All the best with your dig - hope it goes in, say, less than four years. Had a club dig in a vertical choke for numerous years and, yep, it play on your nerves a bit (it helps to be suicidal`n`thick). Anyho - good on you, stickboy.


5 foot eight, onehundred fifty pounds.....own the business, tell people when i can see them......drive an old toyota truck..31mpg...... silence?, about a lead!!??.....here is my tongue..(don't eat it pleeze keep it)....... patient digger?.........well...in the name of caving adventure i will willingly..repeatedly..go into a 500 foot deep system and dig and blast myself in a giant circle.....coming out where i began....and laugh about it........... post caving adventure?.... a single after-caving-beer iz an excellent start on an evening-post-cave!