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I had a plan to organise a trip to this area many years ago (it was going to be the next thing after Belize, but I then got sidetracked) and somewhere I probably still have a file of info. I collected. I'll see if I can dig it out for you if you want.



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Take a quick look at if you Google the clearly Brazilian author you'll find an email address. I'm sure he could help.


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OUCC were on Roraima tepui (Venezuela) in '05. Go to the Oxford Uni website and you'll find a write up there.

Worth a visit but access is delicate (or physically very difficult, depending on where you go)

ian mckenzie

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graham said:
I'm sure he could help.
Could, and has.  Awhile back he told me that in February Brazilian cavers explored a new deep tepui cave, Abismo Guy Collet, at -671m the deepest quartzite cave in the world.  All the deep ones are in tepuis. 

BTW, tepuis have been exposed to the elements for over a hundred million years, the oldest surfaces on earth.  Apparently their caves are formed by solution, which makes them karst features?


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I was caving out in Brazil with a local group in October 2007.  Let me know if I can help with contacts etc.


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I went to Sao Paulo State and visited the caves in two of the State Parks (PETAR and Intervales).  It was a really good trip, I spent two and a half weeks out there as a friend was getting married.


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ian mckenzie said:
Where'd you go and what'd you do?  (sorry for this late reply; just got back from the Bahamas :) )

Ooh, where did you go in the Bahamas?  I have not long got back from there  8). I visited some sub-aerial caves on Eleuthera and Long Island, really fascinating systems, plenty of bats and cockroaches, and lots of friendly people  (y)