Wessex dads/kids trip to Sandford Levy


Two dads got chatting while taking their daughters climbing in Bristol, only to discover that they were both cavers and both Wessex members. One was my colleague Andy and the other my regular caving buddy Max.

The chance encounter seemed a good excuse for us all to get together and take the kids underground. Max's daughter had never ventured far underground before and Andy's daughter had never been underground at all, so we settled on Sandford Levy, as it's a very gentle introduction for smaller kids. My kids have been several times before and were pleased to have the chance to act as guides.

Despite some initial nervousness, we made it to the end of the level to enjoy some brilliant echoes, before returning to the cross-roads and heading off up the side passage for a snack. After tummies were settled, the boys made a trip to the end of the level and when they returned, the girls took their turn for a mini adventure without the adults.

We returned to daylight after about an hour underground, without a single tear being shed and plenty of smiles all around :)

Looking forwards to the next one.


Everyone at the end.


Washing hands under a drip.


Boys team.


Girls team.


Muddy hands!


More muddy hands!