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Wetsuit as an undersuit


New member
:) Hiya Guyz......Not long before my first trip. I'm off to Borrins Moor Cave on 2nd Sept with the Bradford Cave & Pothole Club. I'm a keen photographer..do Underwater Images etc. Could I use my wetsuit as an undersuit. Also...would I really need that much protection in Borrins Moor.


I don't know Borrins Moor Cave, but unless you are diving, I wouldn't recommend a diving wetsuit for caving. You would get very hot!
For moderately wet trips a thinner wetsuit can be an excellent undersuit.

For dry trips, a tracksuit should be fine if you don't have a caving undersuit yet.

Best to check with whoever is organising your trip, but I'd speculate for a first trip, they won't be taking you anywhere too wet!


New member
:) 'K'.....Thats good. Heres what I've got for the day. Full thermals, Goretex Fishing suit, Waterproof pants, Steel wellies, gloves, helmet and a good lamp with little backup torch...all waterproof.


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Some of Borrin's Moor Cave is dry and easy . . . but some is wet and easy! If you do the crawl to the bottom entrance (exit?) you'll get quite wet.

By the way, if you're going up there, the Long Churn Caves are much more fun.


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One of the benefits of using a wetsuit for a novice is the extra bump protection of offers especially if they don't have good knee and elbow pads.  I wouldn't worry too much about over heating.  The walk in is short and easy, and there will be opportunity to dunk to cool off if needed.


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:) Thanks Guyz.

Good advice. I've gotta do 3 trips then I can apply. Should get them in before Christmas, 'HOPE'

Cheerz again.


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The Borrins Moor trip is billed as a family caving day, so there will be children on the trip too, who probably won't have wet suits. The usual Borrins Moor trip is in through the big  entrance, maybe along the dry dead-end walking passage to the right (which has photo opportunities), then back along the main passage to where the ceiling drops. Then it's a hands and knees crawl in water relieved by a gravel bank from where you can begin to see daylight. Many of us have done it as one of our first trips, clad in only old clothes (avoid cotton) and old waterproofs. You will have a great day.

If you turn right in the middle of the water, there's a maze of crawling passages of different characters leading to three other entrances. It's a more interesting cave than many people realise.

Don't worry about the BPC application process - it's designed to weed out nutcases rather than to select the elite. They're a welcoming bunch.


I wear a wetsuit for wet caves. You won't overheat if you get yourself a bit (or very!) wet. Sometimes I'll wear just a wetsuit but it can get damaged on abrasive rocks so I'd recommend wearing an oversuit also. I wore just a wetsuit in Swildons and got quite cold.