what is this sough

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we were driving down the via gellia on tuesday and just before cromford behind walkers garage there was a hole in the valley side with scaffolding,tape etc, does anybody know what this is and whats happening/being done?

it looks like its just by a dam for a pool.

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Eyup Ditzy, had a nosey (as i was tiling a bathroom opposite pond today.)
It is an archaeological dig to expose a wheel-race pit from a demolished mill. accounts tell of a higher  aquaduct feeding the wheel, then flowing into the present millpond.
One of seven mills on  this particular stream, from Grangemill to cromford, where it powered Arkwrights looms.
Coincidently; the pools and meanders also were the main source of watercress for the London hotels prior to the modern chains of supply.

I'll get me anorak!  :-[
Owd Git.


AFAIK Alabaster Sough actually "rises" under Cromford Mill pond and is not accessible at Sough level.  WMRS had a dig in there - accessed from a shaft higher up.  It looked 'orrible 'cos as they dug, the water levels would rise, potentially cutting off access to the shaft! 

A very fine video of the place includes live footage of a collapse in real-time, marrooning one member the far side of it. :eek: