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Where was this ? (near Aygill)


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I went to Aygill last night with a group who hadn't done it before.  I also hadn't been for some time and turned to the first cave entrance we found - with considerable amounts of scaff and shuttering around it.
Realising this didn't look right, I went about 100m further on the stream bed and found Aygill.

But - what is the other hole, and what is going there ??
(If it's a big secret, you can whisper....)


If this was on the opposite bank to the aygill entrance and downstream then it was probably our ladys cave.  See rrcpc 10

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It was downstream but on the same side (true R).  From a distance it looked like a small shed, with a (presumably) removable shuttering roof.  I don't think it was there last time I went (admittedly 2-3 years ago) so I thought it must be a dig.