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Who won the Lowe Alpine Edge 22 Daypack??


Staff member

Thanks once again to the lovely people at Lowe Alpine who gave UKC a super handy 22 litre daypack/rucksack as a competition prize  (y) (y)




(Many thanks to Chunky for the photo  (y) )

Thank you to every single one of you who entered and helped to keep your fellow caver entertained during lockdown  (y) (y) 
As usual lots of great entries after much choosing, here's my shortlist: 

1)  Badlad - Cave photography sucks...!  (Yes, I know, I know - but it is funny - and if he wins I'll draw again  ;)

2)  Duck Ditch - Hi, I?m Just delivering vaccines for all the cavers spending lockdown in easegill caverns.

3)  tim.rose2 - Little boxes on the hillside
                      Little boxes made of ticky tacky
                      Little boxes on the hillside
                      Little boxes all the same

                      There's a pink one and a green one
                      And a blue one and a yellow one
                      And they're all made out of ticky tacky
                      And they all look just the same

4)    Inferus - You did say this was going to be a short photography trip didn't you?

5)    Paul - After getting changed for his photographic trip down Quaking Pot he wondered where everyone else had gone...

6)    maxb727 - No need to worry about the 2m rule in the shops when I dress in my caving kit and take my own bags for the shopping!

7)    Roger W - This isn't the cave with the Crabwalk in it, is it?

8)    Martin Wright - Look at me, I still get to do my two favourite sports - caving and boxing.

9)    Mark Wright - All the gear......

10)    Sinker - Large ammo case?  Check!
                  Small ammo case?  Check!
                  Orange Pelicase?  Check!
                  Yellow Pelicase?  Check!
                  Black Pelicase? Check!

                  This is just a "box-ticking exercise"!

11)    Peter - If only Lowe Alpine made tackle sacks

Over to random.org - and the winner is 7, congratulations Roger!!

PM to arrange getting your prize to you  ;)


Roger W

Well-known member
I'm overwhelmed, amazed, astounded!  I've won!!!

As I've told Pegasus, I've actually got more backpacks already than I know what to do with.

So maybe this most excellent backpack, instead of being added to the pile on top of my wardrobe, could be recycled as the prize for another competition?

Then we could have another really enjoyable time thinking up some more answers.

Anybody got a good photo?



Staff member
Hi Roger, congratulations and how generous offering the bag to someone else - I have a whole heap of competitions in the pipeline (including a very exciting one for the diggers  :D :D ) so...

how about you choose your favourite caption on this competition and they win the prize!

Cheers, Pegasus  ;)

Roger W

Well-known member
That's a very hard job you've given me, Pegasus!

Anyway, to choose just one...

The one that reminded me my university days was tim.rose2's offering.  I know the original song referred to houses, but it seemed so appropriate to the "little boxes" in the photo.  :)  And it took  me back to the days of my youth as well as giving  me a good laugh.

So let TR2 be the lucky recipient.



Active member
Thankyou both - very nice surprise at the end of the day.  Will go to good use.
Apologies to anyone who's now got the little boxes song stuck in their heads!  My memory is it being played continuously whilst stuck on some god damn awful ride at Eurodisney in torrential rain as a kid on a family holiday.

Roger W

Well-known member
Apologies, he says...  Apologies!

It's too late now!

    "And they're all made out of ticky-tacky
                    And they all look just the same..."


New member
I can always hear the voice of Malvina Reynolds whichever version of the song I listen to. Love or hate her voice, its always strange to hear your granny singing protest songs with such passion.