winter Alpine Expeditions

Joel Corrigan

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Some of you may be interested:
The next set of winter Austria/Dachstein expeditions will fall within the following dates:

Possible Autumn trip in October (if I can be motivated)
Christmas (prob Boxing Day) to January 4th '09;
February 14th-22nd '09.

Exploration will continue in the Hirlatz Hole, the mightiest of caves in Europe! It's 97km long, 1100m deep, one entrance, massive, with miles left to discover.  Caving here is akin to mountaineering, with minimal SRT (except for exploration) as most of the cave is rigged with fixed aids (ladders, bridges etc). It's what the summer Dachstein expeditions have been trying to connect to for years.

The Christmas trip will likely be a set-up trip (for Feb) to the West of the Hirlatz, which will probably be a couple of days underground. Following this we intend to ski-mountaineer on the Dachstein (whilst learning to ski, for some of us!). If weather is unsuitable then we have another project in the Hirlatz (c.4 day trip) which will require decent vertical skills.

Feb will be 6 or 7 days camping in the West of the Hirlatz. 2 people diving in Wadiland (Martin Groves et moi) whilst others are climbing etc before the sumps. 
People interested let us know asap as spaces limited. Camp is set up for 6 people (sleeping bags, stoves, etc) but lots still to take in. 

You need to be fit, capable of carrying heavy bags, have camped underground before & be able to laugh when things get miserable! Not that they ever will, of course...  Join the Hirlatz Caving Expeditions group on Facebook if you're interested, or reply here &/or message me.


Having been on one of the multi-day winter portage trips to the far end of Hirlatz I can honestly say it ranks up there as one of the most memorable caving experiences of my life. If anyone is able to find the time to get to Austria on the dates that Joel is suggesting then please please GO FOR IT. The cave is in a league of its own.....  (y) (y)