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Merry Christmas & Sod Off 2020


Staff member

What a shocker of a year.  Hoping by this time next year, things are looking a whole lot better - we've been able to see our family & friends more, been on more caving trips and expeditions, met at caving huts and pubs......

In the meantime, hold on in there folks and have a Happy & Healthy Christmas.

Thanks as ever to the Mods who have helped keep UKC running, Inglesport, SpanSet, Starless River and Warmbac for their support and of course to each and every one of you who post, lurk, like and contribute - it means a lot, love Pegasus and a hearty handshake from Badlad  ;)


Thanks for all your efforts Jane in keeping the forum a positive and fun place. A great improvement on what it was a few years ago. I'm sure it's helped folk pass the time in lockdowns and isolation. Lets hope for a better summer 2021 and many new discoveries!  :beer:


Well-known member
Merry Christmas all - went into Hillocks earlier to do t'owd man's candle and sing a few carols (that's the thing I've missed the most this Christmas), and drink a toast to the memories of Steve Thompson and Jim Rieuwerts.

Roll on the end of the shitstorm...


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