YCC-NYMCC Journal Three


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We are pleased to announce the publication of The Journal of York Caving Club (YCC) and North York Moors Caving Club (NYMCC) Number Three.

Our first two journals (covering 1980s-2010, and 2010-2013) document the discoveries of Excalibur Pot and Jenga Pot, plus many other projects and discoveries across the North York Moors.

Journal Three covers our work from 2013-2020, including the 2015 connection of Excalibur Pot and Jenga Pot, and the 2020 Covid Extensions, totalling more than 1km of new cave, in a part of the country where just 15 years ago, 10m was considered a significant breakthrough! We also have articles spanning the adjacent River Dove valley, which is tantalisingly close to being connected to the Jenga/Excalibur system, several other digs across the region, new windypits, plus the rediscovery of several kilometers of long-forgotten inland jet mines and whinstone workings.

All our journals are inspired by the excellent publications of the Moldywarps Speleological Group. We believe journals should not only document findings, but in an area such as ours where findings are perhaps more ?minimalist? than the Yorkshire Dales, they should also relate a story of ambition, discovery, camaraderie, and determination. We hope it is an entertaining read.

Journal Three is available to purchase from the YCC website for ?9.50 plus ?3 P&P: https://yorkcavingclub.org.uk/publications

It is printed in high-quality, full colour, well-furnished with photos and surveys, 126 pages, and wire bound.

A review should appear in an upcoming issue of Descent.

Our two former journals can also be purchased as a paper-copy (with discounted postage for multiple items) or downloaded for free from the above webpage. For now, Journal Three is available as paper-copy only until we have recouped initial printing costs and to encourage the continued circulation of paper journals. Once the costs of getting paper copies into circulation are covered (hopefully before the end of the year), we will make it available as a free download.


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Back at the start of this year we published the Journal of YCC and NYMCC Number Three.

We have now sold all of the original paper copies we had printed, thus recouping our costs, so as promised, we are now making the journal freely available as a PDF on the York Caving Club website, alongside its two predecessors.

During the short time that Journal Three has only been available in paper-format, we have received a healthy demand for paper copies of our first two journals, despite these being free online. In fact, we had to get another small print run of these done! This pleasingly goes to show that there is still demand for paper journals even when their content is free online :D

We have also had another small print run of Journal Three done too (just finished binding them tonight), so if anyone enjoys reading the PDF version and fancies a paper-copy, we have paper-versions of all our journals available.

After a productive few years, we are shockingly close to considering starting work on Journal Four!

Finally, a reminder that the Moldywarps Speleo Group (MSG) journals are also available freely online (with MSG permission) via the North York Moors Caving Club website, including the recently published Issue 14 (November 2021):

The excellent MSG journals not only chronical some of the most pioneering efforts for over half a century in 'offbeat' northern caving areas, but were, and remain, our inspiration in writing our own journals.


We have now sold all of the original paper copies we had printed, thus recouping our costs, so as promised, we are now making the journal freely available as a PDF
Great stuff. And a model that would be nice to see adopted more widely.


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Excellent journals. I once very neatly rented the house at Yoadwath down next to the back. If I’d known there was some much diving on the doorstep I might have tried harder!