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Balkan Cavers Meeting “Jasen ’2010”
« on: April 18, 2010, 08:54:39 pm »
Balkan Cavers Meeting “Jasen ’2010”

Balkan cavers meeting “Jasen ’2010” was held near Belitsa village, FYR of Macedonia from 8 to 11 April 2010. It was organized by Macedonian federation of speleology, speleo club "Ursus speleos» Skopje, with the support of the Public Enterprise for Management and Protection of the Multipurpose Area Jasen - area (covering the river Treska and the entire valley and adjoining). The territory or management covers an area of 32 000 ha including the Yakupitsa (Vodno) mountain. It is located in the central part of Macedonia to the west of the town of Veles and south of Skopje. The Yakupitsa embrace several mountain ranges between the rivers Treska, Vardar and Babuna. The highest peak is Solunska glava (2540 m.n.v), near which is located the Solunska Glava Cave, which is the second deepest in Macedonia (- 450 m.). In the area of the second highest peak of Mount Karadzhitsa (2 473 m) is the entrance of Slovachka yama cave (- 525 m) which for now is the deepest in the country. The region is the subject of joint Slovakian-Macedonian expeditions. A significant part of the mountain is covered by karst. In its scope can be found among dozens of caves. Here is the longest cave in Macedonia - Slatinski izvor (4 km long) close to Slatino village;  the cave with the largest entrance in the country; the karst spring "Vrelo”, which is one of the most deepest in Europe (- 190 m). It was subsequently the subject of investigation by Bulgarian, French, Belgian, Italian and Macedonian cave divers, but its end is not yet reached.
On 8 April, a mountain hut near Belitsa vill. becomes gathering place of the cavers from the Balkan countries. Besides representatives of the organizers in the face of the caving clubs “Ursus speleos ", "Peoni "," Vrelo " from Skopje and Zlatovrav" -  Prilep, the hut gathered there 5 cavers from Bulgaria (the clubs "Academic" and "Helictit” from Sofia ), 8 representatives of Romania, by two speleologists from  Slovenia and Croatia, 4 Serbian cavers! The meeting was opened by Gordana Janakievski - President of the Macedonian Federation of Speleology. On behalf of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, Balkan Speleological Union and European Federation of Speleology the participants were welcomed by Alexey Zhalov. The program continued with a presentation of the activities of the associations participating in the meeting, which was interrupted for technical reasons. In the next few hours of break the participants had the pleasure to visit one of the attractions of the area – the Peshna Cave near Lokvitsa vill. It is an active river cave with phenomenal entrance with dimensions 16.8×52.4 m.  The visit of this cave was also an opportunity for us to see remains of a Byzantium fortress. The legend says that this fortress used to be the home of Pesna - a sister of King Marko (1335- 1395). On the opposite side of the cave there is another fortress - Devini Kuli, known to have been the home of the second sister of King Marko - Deva. After the Peshna Cave we visited the karst plateau above it where was locates Kraptski ponor (sinkhole). It is supposed that this is a sinking place of Peshnitsa rivers which springs from the Peshna Cave. The distance between the points of sink and appearance of the water is 10 km with denivelation of several hundred meters. As a result of the joint Macedonian-French Research the sinkhole was explored down to 1.5 km with depth ~ 160 m. In the old sinkhole of the same river, which is located ~ 200 m of the active cave, the explorers also have entered ~ 1.5 km. According to cavers from the Macedonian club «Peoni", the distance between the two galleries of the caves is only 5 m. According to existing data, the development of a large cave system, which is a comprehensive study on the future.
Presentations continued until late evening with the stories, photos and movies from Macedonian Slovenian,Croatian and Romanian colleagues.
The third day of the meeting was assigned to the penetrations into some of the most interesting caves in the area near the village of Slatina: Slatinski Izvor, Gorna Slatinska Cave and Puralo. All three caves were with interesting morphology and with beautiful decoration. In thee evening was held official meeting of the Balkan Speleological Union. The secretary of the Union A. Zhalov reported about the activities of the in the period after the 3rd Balkan Camp in Turkey - the constitution of the three working commissions and election of their presidents. He presented the newly elected Chairman of the Cave and of karst protection commission Veselin Drobenov from Bulgaria. V. Drobenov shared his ideas on the activities of the commission and its first steps. After the final words of Gordana  Janakievska and A. Zhalov, the participants in the Balkan Meeting "Jasen'2010" wished each other  good-bye to the next events in the Balkan Speleological Union.
The morning of April 11 put a final end to the first of all 6 Balkan events, which will be held during the year. It is more than certain that the meeting fulfilled its main task, namely to create conditions for mutual understanding and establish friendly relations between the Balkan countries speleologists and to motivate speleologists to participate in the 5th Balkan and Balkan Camp and cave expedition which will be held here in 2011. The provided accommodation and food and the general overall organization and conduct of the meeting were perfect. They are the result of the efforts of members of the Macedonian Federation of Speleology, Club “Ursus speleus” and the Management of the enterprise "Jasen." Therefore we owe thanks the Macedonian colleagues for their hospitality and care during our stay in Belitsa and generally in Macedonia.
Reported by Alexey Zhalov

The photos from the meeting are available at:!/album.php?aid=2045596&id=1572936474&ref=mf


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