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No more DistoX calibration!
« on: June 18, 2010, 04:38:45 pm »

Sory for my horrible english.

I think, I solved my problem with calibrating Disto X after each battery changing. Now, you must calibrate unit to the specified battery magnetisation.
After each battery changing you must recalibrate unit to other level and direction of batteries magnetisation. On this situation will be better every time use batteries with te same magnetisation (impossibile) or demagnetised. I construct very simply battery demagnetiser. It's 400 V coil from relay, box and switch. You must put battery into hole, switch demagnetiser on and slowly pull out battery to distance about 15 cm over demagnetiser. It's necessary repeat it on the
other side of battery. Sufficient time of "pulling out" the battery is about 3-4 seconds. It's necessary repeat battery demagnetisation before each Disto X use. It works!

It is good practice use this same type of batteries, best of all - rechargeable type. In my opinion best choise is Sony's CycleEnergy.

If you want realize measurments in other geographical region, you must recalibrate Distox, because of other magnetic inclination. Previous calibration can be saved (during calibration) and used again after come back. It's good practice make short, 5 shoot test of calibration before each use. Description of this procedure was recently added on DistoX page.

Now I think to construct mobile, AA battery powered demagnetiser. Sometimes it's not possibile connect to ~230V network
or generator.

Best regards