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Re: Cottage Fees Question
« Reply #50 on: April 23, 2011, 09:15:59 pm »
There is no doubt that smartening up some huts would loose their character, and its right that there are more upmarket places bunkhouses for those that want them. Points taken.
Have you seen the painted caving tile backsplashes at the Wessex in the bathrooms? I saw both (snuck into the guy's bathroom to see theirs, heehee) I thought that was really fancy and cool!

Also they are huts for cavers - no denying mud is gonna get around. Especially the areas designated for it but still no matter carefulness people are traipsing through all the time, gonna track mud from outside or the muddy areas or whatever. And yet, everything is crazy clean I think, the floors just got a bit dirty with the mud tracking but that's going to happen in any group situation when you are dealing with outdoor activities. And...if you're not ok with a little mud, you're likely not a caver so you'd not be in a club hut anyway ;)

Really I was so impressed with how clean and awesome everything was. I stayed at the Wessex one and the Dump, and both were just perfect for caving I thought, the setup of how you could come in through a cleanup area to contain muddyness, get stuff washed off and hung in rooms to dry (what, seriously, you have facilities for that? we don't here!) and showers right there too was like a streamlined de-mud-assembly-system at both places. Not sure what all the fuss about stuff is! Want a 5-star hotel go get one! lol.

I wrote an article for the SMG and SJVG newsletters here, and I spent a good 2 paragraphs about the cottages and community and pubs and everything there, because it is something so different from here, and so incredible, and I still blabber about it to anyone here who will listen because we really need to get stuff like that put together at least a couple in TAG and other concentrated caving areas. We have some huge grottos so you'd think something could be put together, or something with two grottos working togehter, or something! I was told "Oh we do have cabins!" right...wooden shelters is a better term. Electricity? Running water? Nope. You're better off camping, really. The facilities are better. Wifi? LOL certainly not! (I was REALLY shocked that ya'all have WIFI there! And I put money into the wifi donation bins even since I was using it to post trip reports on cavechat and upload photos and stuff :) )

Ya'all have it great. Keep being awesome!
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Re: Cottage Fees Question
« Reply #51 on: April 24, 2011, 10:58:25 am »
It could be that we have; youth hostels, b&b, motels and a vast range of hotels; club huts are surly club huts!   

I hope that was a typo! I know plenty of surly cavers but the huts are generally pleasant enough!
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Re: Cottage Fees Question
« Reply #52 on: April 24, 2011, 10:20:42 pm »
I reckon the current sort of prices are about right, if they need to go up to pay for some improvements or repairs or to cover running costs fair enough, but to put them up just because they seem cheap don't seem right  :thumbsdown:

I regularly stay at either Magpie, OCC, or the Stump with young T and her sometimes her cousins or other friends and even at these rates the cost of the group as a whole soon adds up for a long weekend or similar.

We love staying in club huts, some are more basic than others but all are special places we can live by more relaxed rules than at home  ;D. Please don't muck it up for us by making them so nice that Mrs T wants to come along all the time too  :o

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