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BCA website
« on: October 08, 2005, 10:19:33 am »
Currently the website is extremely poor, however I obviously appreciate that at the moment the members of the BCA have far more pressing issues than the website so this isn't supposed to be an attack on them.

Instead I want to ask the forums opinion about what the BCA site should have and what it's aims should be.

Should it simply be a place for contact details of BCA officers and the BCA constitution or do you think they should aim for something more?

Could the website have a role in disseminating information? Should the BCA try to create a useful resource for cavers?

One bold suggestion could be to unite some of the existing caver resources on the web under a BCA banner and give them some BCA funding?
For example sites such as and would benefit from BCA backing and funding and be useful for all cavers.

The reason I ask this is that here in Spain we have the website which is the site for the federation of speleology in Andalucia. This aims to be a total resource for cavers in this part of Spain and is excellent. I haven't seen inside the members section but this apparently has topography information and other precise details of caves, trips and exploration occuring.


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