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Re: CROW and the Yorkshire Dales Local Access Forum (YDLAF)
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Don't forget that Natural England has a duty to "monitor" the state of SSSIs and caves are almost always part of some geological SSSI.  Natural England relies on cavers to do the monitoring for them as they can't send their staff down caves - at present this monitoring is done by members of ordinary caving clubs and the results collated for EN by regional councils.  So, where caves are on CRoW land, EN is benefitting from cavers being able to access the caves without too much hassle and they have never suggested that we shouldn't be doing the monitoring because we have not applied for permission to go down that particular cave.  EN accept the results cavers provide and, certainly in Derbyshire, have never insisted that we should prove that we had obtained "official permission" to visit every single site on CRoW land.  I'd be interested to know if the same obtains in the Dales.

The "monitoring" results are also accepted for mines which are treated as caves (e.g. Knotlow Mine, parts of the Peak/Speedwell system) so, again, the system is inconsistent.

Cavers ought to be able to cite this inconsistency to their advantage.


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