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Lewis `Biff’ Frith RIP
« on: November 09, 2017, 04:36:33 pm »
Biff was a well known and much missed member of the following clubs: Axbridge Caving Group , Bracknell District Caving Club and Mendip Caving  Group. 

Biff is famous for his engineering skills!

Biff's work on Stainsbury’s Shaft at Charterhouse:

and Coral Cave, Compton Bishop:

Biff has helped in opening up the following caves:  Carcass Cave, Shute Shelf Cavern, Upper Canada Cave, Well Shaft Cave, May Tree and Primrose Caves linked to Upper Canada Cave. 

On Facebook:

There is a fine obituary in:
Descent (258) October/November 2017  page 11.   Farewell Lewis `Biff’ Frith.
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