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SCHECC 2018 Report
« on: April 12, 2018, 08:25:13 pm »

On the 9th of March, around 80 students and alumni gathered for a weekend of training, caving and drinking at the South Wales Caving Club hut. The clubs in attendance were ACC, CUCCC, EUSS, ICCC, KUCC, NUCC, OUCC, Plymouth A&E, RUCC and SUCC – we were happy to see the northern presence of NUCC with us!

Whilst the weather was drizzly at best, it did not dampen the party spirit; so much so, that we could continue the tradition of recruiting those still standing to help with breakfast (thank you SUCC, Andy and Simon). After a hearty breakfast, training was underway, with workshops in photography and cave rescue. Thank you to SMWCRT and Stu Gardiner for running them, everyone had a lot of good things to say about the day. You can see a selection of student photos below. An additional thank you to Jules for providing the pre-dinner talk explaining a little more about the rescue organisation and how it works.

After a long day of baking potatoes, I willingly left the kitchen in the hands of Dan & Dan when they offered to serve the masses like some oiled-up heroes. We proceeded to set up the evening’s games, with the obstacle course coming back as a firm favourite. Thanks again to SUCC for providing beer pong equipment after the debacle at the November forum! As the night progressed, a call out was reached by a group in Aggy, with some of us mobilising to help if needed. The rescue was fortunately called off reasonably swiftly, and the night continued with the usual antics (+ glitter).

On the Sunday we had two further workshops running; survey training run by a sleep deprived Rich and Andy and co. running SRT training. After giving out Easter eggs to those most helpful, we cleared up the hut and departed for another year. Additional thank you’s to the SWCC for continuing to support the event, to everyone who helped cook/clean/organise, and to Tony for selling myself and others many shiny things! We look forward to seeing you all at our November event.


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