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UKC are proud to be supporting the 'Cavers' Competitions' this year at Hidden Earth.


Every caver who enters any of the 'Cavers' Competitions' will receive a UKC raffle card and be in with a chance of winning one of the following prizes.  So why not have a go, test your caving skills and maybe win a great prize  ;D


An IRATA Training Course worth £700+ - thank you, SpanSet :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Many cavers work in the Rope Access Industry - could this be your chance of a new career?  Already have your IRATA ticket, an ideal prize for that revalidation!  Or maybe you just want a week of excellent training to improve your rope and rescue skills  ;D

'SpanSet design, manufacture & supply Height Safety, Lifting & Load Control products at their custom built Cheshire plant. SpanSet products ensure the highest level of safety. We also train people how to use our equipment, safely.  We offer a wide range of Rope Access and Height related safety training courses including IRATA levels 1,2 and 3; Confined Spaces; Working at Height; Height Safety for Industry/Emergency Services/Military; Safe Lifting & Rigging; Load Control + much more.  Our modern, extensive training facility offers state of the art classrooms with multimedia touchscreens, excellent indoor rope access training area + various purpose built outdoor training structures'.


1 x Rab Summit 600 down sleeping bag worth £295 - thank you, Rab :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


2 x 1400 Peli Protector Cases worth £99 each - thank you, Peli  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:


1 x HL60R rechargeable headlamp worth £75 - thank you, Fenix  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


1 x 100m tackle sack worth £60 - thank you, Warmbac :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

2 x Buffs (one polar, for those colder caves) - worth £43 - thank you, Buff  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Enter any (or all) of the following 'Cavers's Competitions' to collect your UKC cards, each with a unique raffle number.
Look out on the forum the week following Hidden Earth to see if your number/s are drawn!!

One card per caver per competition (except for the SRT Obstacle course, where each entrant will receive 2 cards - don't forget your SRT kit!!).

SRT OBSTACLE COURSE (Womens + Mens) (SpanSet are donating 50m rope to the winner of both races) - fastest caver to complete the course wins.  Course will include passing rebelays, rope to rope transfer, passing knots etc. 

30M SPEED RACE (Mens + Womens) - who can prussik 30m in the fastest time??

KNOT TYING - fastest time to tie (neatly, time added for shoddy knots) a Fig 8, Fig 9, Bunny knot, Alpine butterfly and a double fishermans in the same length of rope.

LADDER ROLLING - fastest to roll a ladder (neatly - {wish I could enter, do love rolling a neat ladder  ;D} time added for untidy ladders)

TACKLE SACK STUFFING - fastest to stuff 50m SpanSet rope into a Warmbac 100m Tacklebag

Lots of opportunities for entering this year's UKC Hidden Earth Raffle - good luck!

UKC will have a stand at Hidden Earth, do come by and say hello  ;D

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Mark Wright will be running the rope comps as he has done for many years.  Thanks for your help setting this one up.  Got any tips you can share?

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Wow! That is a great set of prizes!


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There's certainly some excellent prizes on offer this year thanks to the efforts of Tim and Jane at UK Caving. 

The competitions will be run as usual by myself and Dave Cowley with Tom Chapman fresh from Tresviso joining us as he usually does when Hidden Earth is in the Mendips. He helps us northerners with the translations.

For those wanting to enter either of the SRT competitions you are welcome to use my Petzl Falcon Ascent harness fitted with the Secure chest harness and small new Croll and new Basic ascenders. There is also a right and left foot Pantin and a choice of Stop, Simple or a 5 bar Rack. You are of course welcome to use your own.

The Assault Course will include the passing of Knots and Re-Belays in both directions and a Rope to Rope Transfer. All the obstacles will be free hanging as they don't like moody footprints all over the gymnasium walls. It does make for some interesting and often very time consuming tangles though.

It's against the clock and the only conditions are that when removing your chest ascender you are protected with either a locked descender or cow's tail into the re-belay or knot safety loop and that you are seen touching all the anchor point strops. Every deviation from the rules incurs a 5 second penalty.

The 30m speed race is on a moving rope attached, via a roof mounted pulley, to a ground anchor made up of some weights and either Tom, Dave or my fat arses. 

Paring down on your equipment might help on this one, particularly after a heavy Saturday night. No need for descenders or cow's tails.

It can feel bit weird going down when you should be going up, especially when the lower/ prussik rhythm goes out of sequence and we have to lower you down a bit quick before you hit the pulley at the top. I've donated a Beal 50m x 8mm rope and Petzl T Shirt for both the male and female winners.

Ladder coiling is one of my favourites. I was brought up on ladders and learned early on how to coil them neatly. The TSG made their own when I joined in the early 80's. PB Smith would give you a proper telling off if they weren't coiled neat and tidy. There is a 5 second penalty for every misplaced rung or wire.

Tackle bag stuffing might sound easy but pulling 50m of rope back out again through a carabiner means you have to stuff it very neatly to avoid tangles. A hoody or Buff should help prevent burning your neck as you feed the rope into the bag over your shoulder. The winner gets the tackle bag.

And finally knot tying.

Tie a Fig 8 on bight, Fig 9 on bight, Bunny knot, Alpine Butterfly and Double Fisherman's in a 4m length of new 11mm Mammut.

Badlad failed to mention,

Behind your back. There's no looking. The clock stops when you throw the rope on the floor.

Again there will be a 5 second penalty for every incorrectly dressed and/or set knot. Practice this one before you come. You can only just get them all in with loops large enough to attach a carabiner.

As the current champion of the two above events, I will be keeping a close eye on the times. 

Other time penalties for, e.g. safety issues, may be applied to competitors at the discretion of the event adjudicator.

The competitions will be running throughout the weekend unless there's a lecture that all 3 of us want to see, Tresviso being one of them. Entry closes at a strict 2pm on Sunday as I have to get the results in for the closing AV to be finished.

Don't leave it until the last minute to enter as there might be a queue and you could miss out on some of these fabulous prizes.

There's a maximum of 3 x timed entries per person for each of the competitions.

If you don't fancy pitting yourself against the clock then just pop in anytime for a practice. There will be plenty of people able to lend a hand in refining your technique.

If you are thinking of buying a new harness from the trade hall then feel free to come over and give it a comfort test before you buy.

Good luck to everyone with all the competitions and have a good Hidden Earth 2018.

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Can we seen all prizes?
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