Author Topic: A vision and mission for BCA  (Read 423 times)

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A vision and mission for BCA
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:29:10 pm »
Recently the CNCC AGM approved a mission statement (see below).  It wasn't so much that cavers didn't know what we did, although it is always helps to be clear, it was more about making it clear to other organisations and authorities.  The BCA Vision and Reform group have made a good start on looking at the future direction BCA should travel but what would people include in a BCA mission statement?  Serious ideas will help but funnies will give us all a laugh too.

CNCC Mission Statement

The CNCC is an open and welcoming organisation that represents caving and cavers in the north of England and Scotland.

As an exclusively volunteer-led organisation, we will:
  • Work to achieve the best possible access to caves.
  • Establish beneficial relations with landowners and kindred organisations.
  • Promote safe and responsible caving in parallel with cave and countryside conservation.
  • Provide services and information to improve the accessibility of caving.
    • CNCC also uses the strapline "working together for northern caving"

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Re: A vision and mission for BCA
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2019, 12:05:09 am »

A world class caving community, United to better everything that makes caving in the Kingdom Great.  :-[

-A focus on ensuring there are meeting points or events in the UK, so cavers can either join clubs or go caving as a group of friends.
-Promoting the benefits of going caving in a group.

(these might seem like odd mission statements, perhaps they are  :lol: but the sentiment is that you produce cohesive groups of people either through loose groups or indeed clubs  :blink: and people are more likely to stick with caving).

I could blather on about the Ladder and Lifeline heyday years and how they must have brought people together, but I really think that if you make caving "nice" and "friendly" (if your having a crap time at least your having it with great people...) Then more people will transition into the sport.