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New(ish) way to Donate and support DCRO
« on: August 29, 2019, 06:51:01 pm »
We know the technology has been around for a while but... you can now make a small single or monthly donation between £1 and £20 by Text!

Simply text Cave followed by your amount i.e. "CAVE 5" to 70490 to make a single donation of £5

or if you are able to offer regular support you can text CAVER followed by your amount i.e. "CAVER 2" to 70490 to give £2 a month, the day before each payment you will get a text offering you the option to skip a donation or cancel too.

Go on, You know you want to give it a go  :)

Your donations really do make a difference.

Just £1 can make sure we can keep the chocolates in a crash bag in date
£5 could help replace a damaged karabiner or sling
Donate online here or Text "CAVE" to 70490 to donate £5 or Cave + amount between 1 and 20, eg. "CAVE 2" for £2. (costs one standard message + donation amount)


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