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Re: Wanted Subterranean Climbers
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With all these personal libraries around I have been wondering what happens when someone dies or no longer wants their books,   :doubt:  is there always going to be people who want the hard copy if we have a dwindling, ageing caving community who already have all the caving books that have been printed  :coffee: 

Not everyone has the generations of cavers like mrodoc    ;D

Very often we find the collection is offered to the British Caving Library (BCL).  We always say, "Yes please but on condition that, if we find anything is a duplicate, we may offer it on to another caving library."  This has worked well and we have acquired some very interesting items but it also means that items which turn out to be duplicates are passed on to other cavers. 

This is why we have our BCL "Lucky Dip" stand at Hidden Earth - an excellent way of passing on caving literature but, alas, no HE this year.  We have also recently circulated all the Clubs we have contacts for who are known to have libraries with lists of duplicates we have. Thanks to caver post in October this has already shifted 6 boxes of books up to those in the North. We currently have at least a dozen boxes waiting for caver post to resume so they can go south to Cerberus S. S. to replenish their lost library.

Note that if your Club Librarian hasn't been contacted it means we don't have your details so please get in touch with us!

If anyone does have any "wants", it's always worth giving BCL a try as we have many duplicates wanting a good caving home to go to.  We aim to use caver post where possible but can use Royal Mail if need be.

If you do need to contact BCL, our website is


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