Author Topic: Rain Rain and More Rain  (Read 1504 times)

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Rain Rain and More Rain
« on: October 22, 2004, 09:22:43 am »
Since bagshawe is underwater at the moment - we went down giants last night - just after that big thunderstorm.

Woohooooo.  :clap:

Fully in flood.

met a couple just coming out who descended in relativly normal conditions to find that their ladder on garlands had dissappeared under the waterfall. Bet that was fun.

Garlands was rather interesting, even rigged off the farmost bolt the rope was still in the water. The crabwalk was awsome, especially the fixted ladder (comic act cascade???)

The north east swallet was flowing as strongly as the crabwalk usually does.
Reckon we were right on the peak of the flood all the way down. since when we got back to garlands - it had died off a bit.

Amazing how quick it can come up and go down again.  :shock:


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