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A Mendip caving history question


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There is a mention in the 1962 CDG Diving Review of a "Wessex Survey Group". (It's in connection with Fred Davies, Jack Waddon and Steve Wynne-Roberts.)

I'm just curious to know if the "Wessex Survey Group" was a stand alone organisation or whether this simply means "a group of people who made cave surveys and were all members of the Wessex Cave Club".

I knew Fred fairly well and I know he was a long term WCC member but Jack Waddon died long before I began caving and I don't think I ever had the opportunity to meet Steve before he passed away in 2001. Were Jack & Steve also in the Wessex? (I think Steve's early caving years were with the Wessex until he transferred to the Shepton but I'm not sure when the transfer happened.)

Can anyone help with this query?


Jack Waddon was a BEC and Wessex member who died in a training accident in Mineries Pool on 3 November 1961.
Fred Davies was a Shepton member in 1962 before joining the Wessex in 1966.
Steve Wynne-Roberts was a Shepton and Wessex member in 1961/1962.


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Thanks Ouan.

Anyone know if know if the "Wessex Survey Group" was a stand alone organisation?


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I've now found out all I wanted to know about this, to save anyone else looking into it.

Incidentally I think it should have been Phil Davies I should have referred to, rather than Fred Davies.


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In 2008, there was also: "The “Wessex” Geriatric Group (well, 50% Wessex and 100% Geriatric)"