Aberllefeni Slate Quarry book by John Knowles

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Picked a copy of this up the other week. Mind-blowing account of this mid-Wales slate quarry mine.

Anyone else got it?



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Highly recommend!
Out of interest, how detailed is it on Ceunant Ddu? (rather than Foel Grochan and Hen Gloddfa)

I read that Ceunant Ddu was connected to Abercorris and at one point, parts were worked from Abercorris, which sounds unlikely... but read in the gazetteer. If true that'd be an interesting through trip, assuming it's not flooded then collapsed.

Are there many clues in the book to confirm/deny that, if so I'd order a copy


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The book treats Ceunant Ddu, Hen Gloddfa and Foel Grochan equally.

I can assure you there is no connection to Abercorris. It's a very long way (in underground terms) between them.

Worth getting a copy of the book though from Mike.