Access changes for Robinsons' Pot


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Permits for Robinsons' Pot now available to individuals as well as clubs


After recent modernisation of our access agreement with National Trust for Robinsons' Pot (one of the quirkier access situations in our region), we are pleased so say that permits can now be granted to BCA individuals (CIM's/DIM's) as well as to BCA member clubs.

This ends a long-standing exclusivity to clubs, which originated from previous insurance situations decades ago when the original agreement was established (public liability insurance remains an absolute requirement of National Trust).

You can read full details and see more photos here:

For details on getting a permit and a route description:

Obviously, this is long overdue, and we're sorry it has taken so long. The last decade has been focused on the larger fells; We then moved onto Fairy Holes and Excalibur Pot to enable access to individuals as well as clubs. We then tackled Birks Fell Cave (bringing this out of all restrictions), Mongo Gill and now Robinsons, Pot. This leaves Bowland as the only CNCC-facilitated location where consented access is still exclusive to clubs, and work has already started to remedy that.
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Please note the name is Robinsons' pot - i.e S' not 'S
The CNCC title at headline is wrong.

Also, the original explorers (Ian Brindle and friends) of the horrible crawl to the Worm Series called it the GLUP hole. Possibly this was an accident but that is the name that has stuck.


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Oh no, the dreaded apostrophe issue!

Thanks @harrylong looks like we have got this right on our website page, but our post above and a few parts of our route description have been sloppy. We posted this quite late last night (after a long day at work) so we've been a bit more clumsy than usual.

We've corrected our news article, and will get the two errors in the route description corrected over the coming week.

Mods, if you see this and fancy correcting our post above to avoid future confusion, that would be lovely :)